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How Did I Get Here? 

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    How I Got Hooked 

    I started doing tie-dye in 2003, when my then-turning-6 daughter wanted a tie-dye theme for her birthday party. A friend told me about Dharma Trading Co. I got some stuff, did a practice run 2 weeks ahead, loved the results, and I've been doing tie-dye ever since!


    I can do classes, corporate tie-dye events, birthday parties, and so on.  I can also do private lessons if you have something special in mind.

    Custom Dyeing

    Custom work is also an option.  If you like my furniture slipcovers or sheets and want something similar of your own, let me know!

    I don't do the craft fair circuit or mass quantities of clothing myself, but I think the most beautiful professionally tie-dyed shirts, dresses, and other clothing come from my friends at Harmony Enterprises, based in Modesto, and they do craft fairs.  See their work at


    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Mountain View.  You can send me email at

    Why Amethistle?

    It's a combination of amethyst, my birthstone, and thistle, a purple flower. I like lots of colors, but my favorite color is, you guessed it, blue! And all the other good web names I could think of were already taken.  Thanks for visiting!